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Sunday, January 15, 2006

i found this like totally cool site! It makes the text on every site on the internet written in "Valley Girl". For example, on the front page on, the first sentence of thefirst paragraph normally say "It's your lucky day, pretty sissy! You have found the place you will soon come to call Home." But if you go to using the Valley URL from the site i gave you, the first sentence says "It's your lucky day, pretty sissy! Like, oh my gawd! Like, duh! You totally have scoped the place you will soon come to call Home." It's the way every sissy should view the internet. The fun part is, if you always use the Valley URL & you surf the internet alot & you constantly read things written in "Valley Girl", eventually you'll notice you start talking more & more like a Valley Girl without even realising it! Use at your own risk!

Also, for daring sissies out there, here's something i found a while back that i thought i'd share with everyone. This is a flash file that uses subliminal messages to make you addicted to sucking cock. It really does work, although i'm not sure to what extent. i've noticed that if i watch the file for a couple of hours with headphones on, for the next couple of days i'm really turned on by the idea of sucking cock. i've always been turned on by the idea of having a Mistress force me to suck a man's cock, but this is different. After watching this file for 2 or 3 hours, i find that i'm able to masterbate & cum simply fantasizing about sucking cocks, without a Mistress or any Woman being involved at all. It doesn't make me attracted to men, it just makes me find sucking cock to be incredibly arousing. After watching/listening to this flash file for a few hours or so, for the next couple of days you'll be looking for pictures of cocks on the internet & imagining how you would suck them while you play with yourself, & you'll find yourself making spooty in your panties without ever once thinking of a woman. At least that's what it did to me. It doesn't make you gay, you'll still find women attractive if you already do, it just makes you love sucking cock. i noticed that for myself personally, fantasizing about shemale cocks didn't do anything for me, it was the idea of sucking the cocks of big hunky manly real men that got me off. After a couple of days it kind of wears off, but you'll constantly have this desire to go back & look at the file again every time you're feeling naughty. At least that's the way it effects me, maybe after watching it too much the effects will be more permanent & severe :O.

Anyway, if anyone does look at the flash file, you'll probably be interested in this... ;)

Ms. Ally suggested that i wright about having a sissy's night out today, & tell what i'd do & were i'd go. But i couldn't really think of anything :(. My sissy's not out would probably end with me staying in, sucking on those cocks.


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Sissy School said...

It would be an interesting discussion to engage in: the difference between being attracted to men, and being attracted to orally servicing men while not being attracted to men 'per se'.

Add into that discussion the difference between wanting to engage in orally pleasing a man on one's own, and wanting to do it to satisfy the desires of one's Mistress.


Ms. Ally

At 4:20 PM, Blogger pansy Faggot said...

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At 7:59 PM, Blogger Sissy Trainer said...

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